Terms of Service

By commissioning me you agree to my terms of service

Please read through my TOS before commissioning to make sure you agree to my terms. Once you've paid you have agreed to my TOS

Please send me your reference sheet(no traditional art, no shading, full body) and what youd like to order, along with your paypal address and I'll invoice you as soon as I can. When I've sent the invoice you should be up in my queue within a few minutes!

When you pay please put your username/name and character name(s) in the note box in PayPal.

Each customer is given a number in my queue where you can see how far your order has moved.

Once I have the sketch for your order I will send it to you as well upload all prossess to Trello.

By commissioning me you agree to my terms of service.
I have the right to alter my terms of service at any time.
As the artist, I will not break my own terms of service.

If you as the client do not read through my terms or service when commissioning me, you will not be excused for being surprised for my TOS.


Artists rights:
- I remain the full right for the artwork. To sell as prints or merchandise or similar and to post in public in galleries. I will ask the commissioner/character owner before making additional profit.
- If the client wants to keep the commissioned piece private I will not post it publicly. The same goes for if the client wants to keep it a surprise until a certain date. Please let me know this when commissioning the piece.
- Rejected sketches the artist have the right to use as YCH’s, as personal, adopts or future work to fit another character(s).
- The artist have the right to refuse to take on or reject a commission at any point throughout the whole process.


Client rights:
- Commissions are made for non-profit/non-commercial use.
- Client have the right to use the HQ file of the artwork as avatar, headers in social media ect.
- Client does not have the right to remove my signature “TobyCollie/TobiCollie/TOBYCOLLIE.COM/@toby_collie”
- Client may add name or text to their own artwork commissioned or bought but no major changes. If that is wanted please contact the artist and it can be done for a small fee.
- The client must credit commissioned/bought artwork with their the artist name or website TobyCollie.com


- Any species, unless stated otherwise.
- Any gender/body type, unless stated otherwise.
-Can change expression/pose, unless stated otherwise.


- Paypal only and only in USD. Vipps is  an option for Norwegian clients.
- I may invoice you, and you will have 10 days before the invoice expires and your commission will be cancelled and dropped from my queue if not paid within that. Please put your character name/username in the note box when paying.
- No refunds is given, only if the artist cancels the commission.


Work in progress and edits:
- Whenever the artist has made progress I will send you it as well uploading it to Trello. The client will then need to approve the sketch, lineart, colors whatever it might be before it’s continued.
-When the first sketch is made, the client may change it or want a different thing. In the lineart stage few things may be edited. Once the artwork is done and the client doesn’t tell that something is missing/wrong before giving A-OK, no changes will be made.
- If the artist by mistake forgets something that is clearly on the ref/description, it will be fixed for free.
- If changes wants to be made that’s not made clear or anything wants to be changed later, a edit fee may apply.


Additional info:
-Rush fee may be added. Depending on when it must be completed it starts at $10 and goes up. Same day completions may be possible for a fee starting at additional 100%.
- I may not always work chronological with my queue but I do mostly of the time.
- A clear digital(meaning no traditional), full body(meaning head to toe), flat(meaning no shading) reference sheet is needed when commissioning. Descriptions and traditional art is only accepted when choosing “custom character” in reference sheets.
- Complex characters, big wings, extra limbs etc. may add to the price.
- If your mailed order gets lost in the mail, there is nothing that can be done as the artist does not have control over it the second the post office takes it in. Remakes will not be made for free.
- If the mailed order returns, an additional shipping fee will be asked for before sending it out again.
- I ask to be treated with respect and any rude comments or behavior is unacceptable. You will be blocked and dropped from my queue, no refunds is given at this point.

I will draw:

- Anthro

- Feral animals

- Humans

- Any body type

- Any gender

- Gore


YCH Slots

- Small changes may be done to the sketch, please contact me regarding this before paying

- Any gender, unless spesified otherwise

- Any species, unless spesified otherwise

- Body types can be altered to some exstent

- No big wings unless the YCH includes so

I will NOT draw:

- Spiders

- Hyper

- Robots


Once bought you may;

- Change the gender

- Change the design

- Change the name if any is given

- Get a fursuit/plushie or what not

You may NOT;

- Resell to make profit

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